Welcome to our Restaurant ( Open 01/01/2021)


Elegant interior and design

The interior is modern and elegant with Indonesian touches

High-class service

Personal and excellent service by our own staff

Inside and outside meals

You can have your meal outside or inside fully airconditioning

Hot menu

Nasi Goreng Rp.40.000
Mie Goreng Rp.40.000
2 Fried Eggs Rp.42.000
Cooked Egg Rp.42.000
Scrambled Egg Rp.45.000
Omelet Rp.45.000
Granola Yogurt Rp.45.000
French Breakfast Rp.40.000
Dutch Breakfast Rp.40.000
Pancakes Rp.41.000
Pisang Goreng Rp.35.000

Special banana fried with honey

Tjendol Rp.40.000

Very refreshing sweet dessert form Indonesia

Mix Fruit Rp.35.000

Fresh seasonal fruit from Lombok

Crè­me Brûlée Rp.45.000

French original recipe

Tiramisu Rp.55.000

Lovely Italian dessert

Es Mangga Rp.45.000

Fresh mango ice from our kitchen

Mie Goreng Special Rp.85.000

Fried noodles, fried egg, sate, ayam goreng, sambal, krupuk, pickles

Nasi Goreng Special Rp.85.000

Fried rice, fried egg, sate ayam, ayam goreng, sambal, krupuk, pickles

Rendang Rp.115.000

Spicy beef filet from Sumatra(authentic recipe), white rice, sayur lodeh(mix vegetables in coconut sauce), tempe goreng, sambal, krupuk, pickles

Babi Ketjap Rp.115.000

Sweet marinated pork filet (Special from the Chef), white rice, sambal goreng buncis(little bit spicy green beans),tempe goreng, krupuk, sambal, pickles

Ayam Rica Rica Rp.90.000

Indonesian chicken filet in spicy sauce, white rice, sajur lodeh(mixed vegetables in coconut sauce),tempe goreng, sambal, krupuk, pickles

Spare Ribs Rp.115.000

Chef’s special BBQ pork ribs in sweet/little bit spicy marinade, french fries, small salad

Ikan Bumbu Bali Rp.95.000

Delicious grilled fish with special Bali herbs, white rice, sayur lodeh(mix vegetables in coconut sauce),tempe goreng, sambal, krupuk, pickles.

Fish and Chips Rp.90.000

Fried fish, catch of the day, with fries and small salad

Steak and Chips Rp.125.000

Original beef steak, entrecote or ribeye, with french fries and small salad

Pasta Pesto Rp.49.000
Pasta Carbonara Rp.55.000
Pasta Arrabbiata Rp.49.000

Tomato, garlic, chilly peppers, herbs

Pasta Marinara Rp.69.000

Tomato, garlic, onions, herbs

Pasta Bolognese Rp.65.000

Beef, garlic, oninon, vegetables

Pizza Margherita Rp.49.000

Tomato, garlic, cheese

Pizza Diavola Rp.59.000

Red peppers,garlic, tomato, onions, salami, cheese

Pizza Funghi Rp.55.000

Mushrooms, tomato, garlic, onions, cheese

Pizza Quattro Formaggi Rp.75.000

4 Different cheese, tomato, garlic

Pizza Tonno Rp.76.000

Tuna, garlic, tomato, onion, cheese

Caesar Salad Rp.49.000
Gado Gado Rp.45.000
Yam Nua Yang Rp.79.000
Insalata Caprese Rp.69.000
Tom Kha Gai Rp.55.000
Tom Yam Kung Rp.55.000
Soto Ayam Rp.45.000
Sop Tomat Jatim Rp.45.000


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