All menus IDR 275.000 p.p. incl. Sambal, Krupuk, excl. 10% Gov.Tax & 5% Service


Ayam Daun Pandan

(Fried chicken in pandan leaf)


Ikan Kuah Kuning

(Fish soup with tumeric)


Urap Urap Pelalah

(Mix steam vegetables and chicken with pelalah sauce)


Bebek Bekerem

(Duck soak in the sauce)


Es Campur

(Mix ice with sticky rice, palm fruit, coconut milk, grass jelly, palm sugar)


Sate Pusat

(Grilled minced beef served with spicy sweet soy sauce)


Sop Ayam

(Clear chicken soup with vegetables)


Pelecing Kangkung

(Water spinach, bean sprout, grated coconut, peanut and sambal colet)


Nasi Goreng Cumi IJo

(Fried rice with squid and green sauce)


Kue Lapis

(Layer cake made from wheat flour, tapioca flour and coconut milk)


Pumpkin Spring Roll

(Mini spring roll with pumpkin)



(Clear beef bone soup with tamarind)


Salad Campur Campur

(Mix vegetables with honey ginger dressing)


Ayam Kacang Mente

(Sauted chicken with cashew nuts)


Bubur Sum Sum

(Rice flour and palm sugar)


Udang Pugut

(Baked prawn on wonton skin with sambal terasi mayo)


Sop Wortel

(Creamy carrot and mango soup)


Salad Tuna

(Grilled tuna and mix vegetables with tamarind sauce)


Ikan Bakar Nipah

(Snapper fish marinate with nipah sauce)



(Fried grated casava with palm sugar inside)


Pangsit Goreng

(Tofu and chicken fried in wontonskin)


Sayur Opor

(Mix vegetables in opor curry soup)


Salad Mangga

(Green mango, bean sprout, pamelo with tamarind sauce)


Pelalah Daging

(Grilled beef steak served with sauted vegetables and pelalah sauce)


Puding Ketan Hitam

(Black sticky rice, coconut milk and jack fruit)